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Steel Grey Cloud Blue

Watercolor on paper

10" x 8"

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Angel Light

Red Fields

Turkey Conference

Hope of Spring

Terra Mar

Orange Valley

Dune Light

Between Night and Day

Autumn Blaze

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Red Before the Storm

Summer Blue

Twilight Slope

Star Gazing Dog

Brown Dogs on Hill


Beyond the Dunes

Scarlet Mountains

Dune Geometry

Red After the Storm

Dog on the Right Path

Pastures Under Restless Sky

Serene Bluffs

Sun Over Purple Peak

Tide Pools

Purple Hills


Dune Foliage

Autumn Marsh

Red Blossom II

Colors on the Water

Harbor Blue

Goat Antics

River Rubies

Sunset Bluffs

Truchas Mountains

Blue Dog on an Evening Slope

Steel Grey Cloud Blue

Mandala in Bloom

Red Blossom I


Church Pond

Moon Dogs